Hirondelle 1895

L’Hirondelle 1895 : A Taste of Tradition

Lesaffre’s innovation working group has focused its research on several types of yeast known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The engineers have managed to naturally express their fermentative and complementary functional properties. These new formulations were tested by a panel of craft bakers for several months. Conclusion: L’Hirondelle 1895 perfectly meets the current baking techniques and bakers uses!

L’Hirondelle 1895: suitable for tray growth

The popularity of traditional French bread is an opportunity to affirm the expertise of craft bakers and claim a typical “French baguette”. However, some difficulties in its implementation are regularly encountered due to the particular manufacturing requirements:

  • Use of new flours with difficult characteristics,
  • Prohibition of improvers,
  • Deferred fermentation techniques: controlled growth, tray growth, slow growth,
  • long fermentations to promote the flavors.

On the other hand, the baker is no longer just focused on making bread. He must now develop snacking and bring diversity in its offer.

There is also an increasing demand in craft-made croissant, a great development of small sweet or savory items, and the expansion of the catering business. The yeast needs to adapt to these changes and above meet all these schemas, and these different recipes.

An ideal yeast for the production of traditional French bread

L’Hirondelle 1895 is a yeast particularly suitable for the manufacture of traditional French bread:

  • It facilitates the work of the French Tradition baguette loaf on all schemas: direct, controlled growth, tray growth, slow growth.
  • This new yeast brings a fermentation rate adapted to tray growth: the dough remains at the tray level. Fermentation is softer and slower. The dough does not fall when taking the cover off.
  • Tolerance is optimal.
  • The strength of the dough is contained.
  • The blade stroke doesn’t tear the dough.
  • This fermentation gives strength in the oven.
  • The crust is crispy and the delicate.
  • There is no excess color of the crust.
  • L’Hirondelle 1895 brings spectacular performance in sweet dough.